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Gravmaskin "Volym 1" LP OUT NOW!

Image of Gravmaskin "Volym 1" LP OUT NOW!



If you could put sound on the Swedish madness. And without words describe that sound.
Gravmaskin has done exactly that in their album debut "Volym 1".

”By definition, Gravmaskin is the dynamic between the three of us,” Lukas says. ”Noone is replacable.
If one of us dies the band will continue on as a duo. Our sound has developed through trying to make interesting and emotionally charged instrumental music, and right now it really feels like we're on the right track.”

Successfully forging catchy organ bass rhythms and chord progressions with reverb-drenched guitar layers and freight-train drumming, Gravmaskin has caught the attention and praise of hard rockers, post punks and psychedelic freaks alike.
Their debut album ”Vol 1” was recorded in only three days during the summer of 2013, and will be released through Electric Assault in the US and Sound of Cobra in Europe in October 2014