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Pig Eyes "Total Destruction of the Present Moment"

Image of Pig Eyes "Total Destruction of the Present Moment"


The Cosmos Pig is here!

(For local pickup in Malmö enter CRIMECITY in Discount field at check-out.)
Same shippingcost for 1-3 Lps, if you order more than 3 lps please get in touch.

Words from the Pig!

You forgot your own birthday, that happens. What’s in a date, what’s
in a name? So someone wouldn’t understand a word as simple as “OK”.
I guess it’s fine.
When we released PIG EYES’ debut LP almost exactly a month ago we did
not realize that it would take this long until the standard version would
arrive on our doorstep. But lo and behold; It’s finally here.

PIG EYES is a musical concoction of just about everything, they do not
discriminate. Coming from as different backgrounds in bands like NITAD, IN
something to strive for.
Belonging to a scene is probably something they are opposed to.
Who wants to belong anyway?
This 4-track 12" concludes the first real active year for a
band that has been poking at it slowly for almost 3 years,
it’s the testament of a band in terraforming, Recordings all spread out during the
last couple years.
It’s the soundtrack to the staircase we all have to climb.

We like to think we hear a little bit of Butthole Surfers, Pink Floyd ,
Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy all mixed together with that certain nerve you only find in punkrock.
Add some classic psychedelia to it and you got yourselves the greatest arenarock-band that ever was.
If only you could find some justice in this world…

There’s no doubt this is the total destruction of the present moment.