SPERMA ”s/t” MLP Ltd 300x)

  • SPERMA ”s/t” MLP Ltd 300x)

Re-release of the 3 Song 12'' EP which was originally released in 1979! The original pressing costs up to 200 Euros!!

Collectors item, comes with a fat booklet!

Sperma were one of the best known Punk bands from Zurich, the biggest city of Switzerland. As the majority of its contemporaries, Sperma articulated a big deal of discontent with living here. A very rich city like Zurich, internationally known for banks and luxury of all sorts, always reacted tough when minorities and subcultures acted too loud.

They had 4 releases on Another Swiss Label and their songs were included in various compilations including "Killed By Death #7" and "Bloodstain Across Switzerland".

Sperma was a band that formed at the end of 1977 and partly consisted of members from Zurich’s primeval Punk ooze. "Züri Punx", was their first available EP single, released in April 1979 on "Another Swiss Label", founded by Urs Steiger.

It was a song that captivated through its musical immediacy and lyrics loaded with Punk paroles: "sie träumed vo Punk und Anarchie …Woodstock isch Scheisse gsi" (they dream of Punk and anarchy … Woodstock was shit). At the same time, "Züri Punx" also reflected the break-out spirit and the overarching determination that constituted the early Punk years in Switzerland.

In August 1979, Sperma also released a 12'' EP with the three songs "Schmier", "No More Love" and "Radio". It was surprising that Schmier never became subject to government censorship, since the song openly propagated the killing of policemen. Most likely the police have still not heard the track!

No More Love was a firm rejection of the “Peace and Love” generation and Radio attacked the conservative Swiss radio programs which were solely designed for the great masses.