Shipping info

Shippingcosts are based on weight.

We always do our best to keep your shippingcost as low as possible.

There are few options to set shipping in this webshop so to keep it simple we do like this. Pick the one that fits your order best at the checkout.


Up to 1kg - 7€ (equals for example 1-3 Lps or a bundle)

1-2kg - 11€ (equals for example 4-6 LPs or 2 bundles)

Rest of the world:

Up to 1kg - 16€ (equals for example 1-3 Lps or a bundle)

1-2kg - 22€ (equals for example 4-6 LPs or 2 bundles)

(3x 7" equals the weight of 1 LP)

Because of the corona virus the shipping time can be longer than normal, so have patience.

We ship the vinyl outside of the LP jacket to prevent seam splits or any other kind of damage during the shipping. 

We can not be held accountable for any possible mistreatment the package may endure during the transport. We can not accept refunds or send replacement copies for minor issues such as bend corners or warped records. 

We examine each item before we ship them. 

If a record arrives to you with bend corners or a warped vinyl, then that had happened under the transport then file a complaint to your postal courier.