URSUT ”Köp Dig Lycklig” LP

  • URSUT ”Köp Dig Lycklig” LP

"Köp Dig Lycklig" is their 2nd album from 2016 and has been repressed now.

I wish I could fucking understand them! I mean, my God! This album is killer: 10 songs of crusty, metallic, d-beat glory that wallop you in the face and leave you asking for more! But, the entire album is sung completely in Swedish. While the band hails from the city of Malmö, it makes sense that they would sing in their mother’s tongue, but it is unfortunate for us non-Swedish-speaking individuals.

In typical, crust punk fashion, "Köp Dig Lycklig" (Buy Yourself Happiness) contains multiple vocals, metallic guitars and minimalized drumming, which makes its lyrical delivery of capitalism, neo-liberalism, power structures and social stigma all the more pulverizing.

The album opens with “Den Yttersta Dagen” (“The Last Day”), containing about 50 seconds of some eerie, industrial, mechanized noises, followed by the chiming of a church bell before it pounds into the opening guitar melodies with enough black metal ambience to send chills down my spine before switching gears to fast-paced thrashing.

To anyone who has found crust punk stale in recent years or to those who debunk it as just a cacophony of noise and indecipherable lyrics, I urge you to listen to Ursut - these guys have a lot to offer.